Friday, 18 August 2017

The Origin Of Vampirella

Proving retcons are nothing new, here's two slightly different versions of the origin of the Bronze Age's premiere sexy succubus, Vampirella. This original joky piece is from Vampi's co-creator, professional fan Forrest J. Ackerman, with art by Tom Sutton, and for a while was the direction the strip was going to go in.

But Jim Warren soon realized I guess, that a joky voluptuous vampiress wouldn't have much of a future, so Budd Lewis and Vampi's all-time best artist Jose Gonzalez gently rejigged her with a slightly more serious ( tho' still fantastically pulpy ) origin. This piece, by the way, is a coloured reprint originally from the 1972 Vampi annual, that appeared in the slightly different UK release of the first issue.

'Course, years later, when Harris comics got the franchise, it was all rejigged again, and Vampi was now the daughter of Lilith apparently, born to fight the evil her Mother had unwittingly created.
Pish & tosh. Vampirella came from Drakulon. End of.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Gray Morrow's Buck Rogers

Here's an all too short piece from Heavy Metal, where Jim Lawrence & Gray Morrow take Buck, Wilma & Dr. Huer out for a quick spin.
Lawrence and Morrow were doing the Buck newspaper strip at the time, so I guess this was a pseudo ad for the strip maybe, or possibly they just felt like doing it. Whichever, it'll make you wish for a whole graphic novel of this kind of thing from Gray.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Conan The Newspaper Strip: Enter... Red Sonja!

Been ages and ages since we checked out the Conan newspaper strip, so here's the brawling barbarian's first meeting with everyone's favourite She-Devil, Red Sonja.
Has everyone checked out Big Red's latest series over at Dynamite, by the way? It's actually really good, with Sonja stranded full time in the 21st century, taking on biker gangs and wondering if she should change her nickname to 'Crazy Bitch', as that's what everybody calls her.
Meanwhile, back in the Bronze Age, Roy Thomas, John Buscema & subsequently Ernie Chan are sort of, kind of, but not really redoing The Song Of Red Sonja, and it's great.
Interesting to see Ernie let loose on pencils and inks here for once, and fun that he's obviously based his Sonja on Wendy Pini's turn with Frank Thorne in the Wizard & Red Sonja Show they used to do at conventions.

By the way, if anyone's never seen it, Richard Pini put up footage of one of the shows on youtube a while back. It's actually quite charming, and leagues away from the ( dare I say ) ultra-commercial cons of today. Just fans having fun.
Meanwhile, back in the desert...